Charity Shop Cabaret

Trifle Gathering’s first touring show was a poignant tale set in Elspeth Garter’s Charity Shop ‘Help the Jaded’.

Due to hot competition from the Cat Protection shop next door Elspeth and her volunteers were forced to take their charity shop on tour to search for custom and raise awareness of their plight.

This beautiful bizarre tale saw three friends fill their days with dance routines, tea ceremonies, Mills and Boon, donation séances and the intriguing delights of Desert Island Discs.

Using film, physical theatre and tunes from a resident vintage vinyl DJ this original piece of work completed 4 tours and received a total of 20 stars at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 4 of them were from Kyla’s dad.

Co-written and directed by Kyla Goodey and Nick Whitby (Smack the Pony Ch4).



Fringe Review
Three Weeks
Fest Magazine

Fantastically funny and surreally absurd from start to finish. Go see, and prepare to fall in love.

Western Morning News

Detailed characters and well-portrayed relationships were key to this piece, told with energetic movement and passionate voice.

Three Weeks Magazine

Just hilarious. You may never meet reality again.

BBC Radio Cornwall

A unique blend of sketch show and cabaret underpinned by a truly funny and engaging theme.

Total Theatre

I wish I'd worn a tena lady.

Charity Shop Manager