Get Diggy with the Dancing Diggers Road show’ is a cross- dressing, street theatre comedy offering audiences a peek into the extreme world of Digger Dancing.

Meet Rock and Rig. Both sharing ambitions of joining the famous JCB dancing digger stunt team, this outlandish Cornish duo invent their own digger show to spread the word and reap the rewards of a show biz life.

After months of preparation the boys embark on a legendary tour of fetes, carnivals and agricultural shows amazing the nation with split second precision, technical knowledge and slick choreographic manoeuvres.

The Dancing Digger Road Show is a high energy, character led comedy outdoor show, offering spectators a window into the utterly bazaar world of digger dancing!


They always bring fun and the work the audience hard without them ever knowing or wishing the ground would swallow them up.

Golowan Festival

Stunning show, it grabbed the audience unexpectedly. Strong performance

Lamar Tree

Trifle Gathering’s work is entertaining, witty, energetic, clever and very very funny.

Newlyn Fish Festival