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 HomesGrown- A Living Room Knees Up!

What is it?
A live interactive variety show on Zoom for the adult learning disability community, their carers, families and friends.

How do I get involved?
Step 1:
 Contact Kyla, details below.

Step 2: Book your tickets (just £5 each or £60 for a whole party!). Advanced booking is essential.

Step 3: You will receive an invitation pack in the post with party preparation activities to get you in the party mood!

Step 4: Meet Elspeth (your host) and your fellow party goers for a pre-party tea and biscuits on zoom.

Step 5: Enjoy a festive house party (with friends) from the comfort of your own living room!  Mingle, play games, dance, sing and share your creative art.

Click here for a Knees Up taster:

Project Contact:

Kyla –  [email protected] or call 07833 594098


Supported by Cornwall’s Adult Learning Disability Service, NHS, the Hall for Cornwall, Kneehigh Theatre, Miracle Theatre & FEAST

This project was developed during lock down (number 1) to creatively enliven and re-connect individuals in supported living accommodation, hubs, and families.

The development of this event was supported by Kneehigh Kitchen, a new skills development strand, inspiring and training the artists and theatre makers of the future.